Student Industry Interface Platform

To expedite the process of the showcase, accelerate the assessment of ground-breaking student research work & prototypes and enhance the visibility of these research work and/or prototypes for industries and corporates, this simplified platform “Student Industry Interface Platform” has been created.

Better interaction between technical institutions and various Industries is the need of the hour. More than lakhs of students coming out from various engineering and degree colleges every year, but the job market is fluctuating. Apart from the local or national economy there are several other factors on which the job prospect is depends on such as global factors, new technologies etc. Thus students have to get equipped with a lot of new skills to get employed.In order to fulfil this purpose, the development of the interface in between industry and students is one of the fruitful options. This program aims to provide the industry exposure to students and help them to understand the complex and changing nature of corporate world. This program acts as a bridge between Industry and Academia and works for mutuallybeneficial activities. During the process of this, students interact with various departments and understand the challenges faced by them. They learn how to fit in the corporate world by being a part of real time projects. Due to this exposure, they prepare and train toform their own start-ups, getting jobs in multinational companies and also having opportunities to assimilate themselves with newer technologies and engineering methodologies. On the other hand, companies also getting support from the subject experts to solve their engineering and/or other related problems. They are having a new batch of trained and environment familiar employees to work for them.

Therefore, the major objective of this program is:

  • To make students understand how to transition from student life to professional life
  • To strengthen the skill and make the student aware and familiar with the new technology
  • To make students aware about the process involved for the start-ups
  • To encourage students to convert themselves from job seeker to job provider

Apart from that, the beauty of this platform is to enlist the problems and their prospect solutions provided by the students during this program and make them visible to several industries. If any industry finds any interesting issue this platform also acts as a bridge between that particular student group, college and the industry.

1200+ student innovators I 300+ projects I 10 prototypes I 5 startups

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