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Why should we opt for innovation of renewable Energy?

Now all of us have well understood that the use of fossil fuels is severely damaging our environment as well as responsible for climate change to an extreme extent. Non-Renewable sources of energy like Fossil fuels cause pollution at their production site along with their ongoing usage causing long-standing defacement to the climate of our entire planet and producing health hazards. Renewable Energy Sources are the only hope for a clean and healthy environment besides saving our global climate change and limiting the use of non-renewable energy sources before its extinction. Though, the renewable energy sources are immanence, the transition of energy is a big job, and it’s complicated. To ensure the availability of required and uninterrupted energy from renewable energy sources and it needs to be done quickly if we are to avoid the catastrophic impacts of climate change.

THE REC Innovation platform will empower student innovators in the field of Renewable Energy.


Innovation Platform (REC)

The Rural Electrification Corporation (REC) is a public sector Navratna company that finances and promotes rural electrification projects across India.

Rural Electrification Corporation (REC) through its REC Foundation has launched "The REC Innovation Platform" on the 29th of January 2018. This platform has spread the awareness and motivates the society for using renewable energy sources and also helps to create innovative ideas to do the same. Presently, the REC Innovation Platform has extended the support for mentoring the students from 20 government institutions across Uttar Pradesh.

Students in the selected Government Institutions will be taken through a rigorous Conceptual Research Experience Program and will be mentored on the finer points of Research and Innovation in the field of Renewable Energy. This program is leading to the development of research and innovation culture in the institutes which in turns led to the growth of critical thinking and analytical skills among students. Dedicated Research mentors will mentor the student research teams towards innovations in every aspect of Renewable Energy ranging from Solar Energy and Wind Energy to Geothermal Energy, alternative bio fuels and many more! The best Research teams will be felicitated in an exclusive event and will get an exclusive opportunity to develop their innovations into startups!

Program at a glance

1200young college innovators
300projects focused on renewable energy innovation/ agritech & biotech
30Projects selected for advanced mentoring
10Projects selected for showcase/mentoring
5 Business Start-ups Plan

Event Timeline

  • 6
    Aug. 2019
    Program Launched
  • 27
    Feb. 2020
    1st Orientation workshop with the institutions
  • 18
    Feb. 2021
    2nd Orientation workshop with the institutions
  • 19
    Feb. 2021
    3rd Orientation workshop with the institutions
  • 20
    Feb. 2021
    4th Orientation workshop with the institutions
  • 22
    Feb. 2021
    5th Orientation workshop with the institutions
  • 24
    Feb. 2021
    Campus visit started to interact with the faculties & students
  • 15
    Mar. 2021
    Tentative Research Aptitude Test (RAT) will be started from

Program Activities & Process

Program Activities

Past Sessions


Expectations and Benefits

For Students

  • Critical and Creative Thinking
  • Analytical and Reasoning Skills
  • Research Oriented Thinking
  • Career Growth
  • Effective Communication Skill

For Institutions

  • Creating an Innovation Culture
  • Pride & Recognition
  • Success Stories
  • Improve Quality of Education
  • Skilled Students Outcomes

For Teachers

  • Facilitators to Innovation
  • Professional Growth
  • Incentive

Key Outcome

Capacity Building on Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Concept Idea


Innovative Business Proposals/Plans

Industry Leaders

Frequently Asked Questions

Only selected prototypes will be funded by SIIC, IIT Kanpur.

No. This is a student driven program. Faculty can associate with a selected group of students to implement the idea.

As per the terms & conditions, all idea will not be disclosed to any unknown resources. All idea will be secured and protected in the server.

A faculty/ research coordinator will identify 3-5 students to form a group in the same institution. The group will be formed on the basis of common interest of all students.

We will consider only specific idea for selection and other entitled benefits.

Yes. SIIC-IITK will provide technical guidance and support for establishing incubation center in our partner institutions.

The students belong to graduation and master's (first year only) from 21 selected colleges are eligible for RAT exam.

RAT is just for Aptitude, Reasoning, Basic English, Basic Mathematics based skill test. It is just like any normal aptitude test. We are expecting to select the students with good logical & analytical ability &writing skills.

Yes, the top five selected prototypes will be supported to form startups of up to Rs. 2.5 Lakhs.

Media and Orientation

Spotlight for 2017

Israel – The Startup Nation

The transformation of Israel into one of the most innovative countries in the world is nothing short of a miracle – from their model of desert agriculture to their recent metamorphosis into a high-tech super power. Israel has more Nasdaq-listed companies than any country barring US and China. It has more venture capital per capita and more startups than any other country in the world. Research and development (R&D) is a thrust area for the country, which also has more scientists and tech professionals than any other nation. In fact, as the Mayor likes to point out, the city itself is a start-up. It was built from scratch in the desert, outside the old Arab city of Jaffa, or Yafo as it is now called, over the last 100 years. Tel Aviv is now ranked as the fifth most robust start-up ecosystem in the world, according to a study by research firm Compass.

At MeltingPot2020 we shall have a special spotlight session comprising of bureaucrats and officials from Israel and India to exchange insights and share lessons that each can learn from the other in their quest to become the hub for global innovation.

Quotes on Renewable Energy

A transition to clean energy is about making an investment in our future.

Gloria Reuben
Canadian actress, producer and singer

People should have values, so by extension, a company should. And one of the things you do is give back. So how do you give back? We give back through our work in the environment, in running the company on renewable energy. We give back in job creation.

Tim Cook
CEO of Apple Inc.

Neglecting clean energy sources such as solar, wind, and especially nuclear, can result in blackouts, increased power bills, and will take a heavy toll on our efforts to reduce greenhouse gases.

Christine Todd Whitman
American Republican politician and author

With the right investments in green technologies, India is well positioned to achieve renewable energy targets. The pursuit towards cleaner energy will have a crucial role in enabling the country's transition to a fully sustainable energy system.

Praveer Sinha
MD & CEO, Tata Power